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France: Demonstration against the visit to France by the Iraqi president

France: Demonstration against the visit to France by the Iraqi president - 14.01-05

The Iraqi president Ghazi al-Yaouar will be in France from 12-15 January. While officially asserting sovereignty and democracy, this politician with no shame governs with the principal Islamic and nationalist parties and with the blessing of the occupying troops. It was the interim government, nominated by the USA, which elected Ghazi al-Yaouar president. Al-Yaouar is an engineer who was educated in Saudi Arabia and in the USA, a businessman who got rich in the telephone industry, an important tribal sheikh. He has already made public his full acceptance of neo-liberalism and fully represents the new Iraqi bourgeoisie.

Ghazi al-Yaouar is coming to France in order to meet Jacques Chirac and to renew the good relations whicht he Franco-African president once enjoyed with al-Yaouar’s predecessor, the bloody dictator Saddam Hussein.

President al-Yaouar’s grand plan is to privatize state companies in a country where industry is almost entirely in public hands. The workers’ resistance movement, which has recently exploded with a series of recent strikes in most cities, has so far blocked this.

We are solid with the Iraqi social and feminist movement and suporters of calls to recall foreign occupying forces, and we denounce the arrival of Ghazi al-Yaouar. We call on everyone to demonstrate on Friday 14th January 2005 at 6.00pm at the Trocadero in Paris.

With the support of Solidarité Irak ( ) and of Solidal ( )

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