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Campaign of solidarity with the workers of the Southern Oil Company – Iraq, and their legitimate rights

The Suffering of workers of the Southern Oil Company with the management has become intolerable, where they are faced with negligence or sanctions when they voice their demands. In the past they have staged many demonstrations and strikes and achieved parts of their just demands, but management backed down and did not live up to their agreement with the workers.
We, the undersigned support the just demands posed by the workers of the Southern Oil Company, which are also the demands that put forward by the committee to defend the rights of workers in the oil sector:

1. Pay the company workers the designated profits that accumulated since 2010, amounting to $305 million as we fear that in light of the financial corruption it will be compromised.
2. Building houses in lands that have been distributed to workers (8) years ago by investment companies and not to put the burdens on the workers, as well as designate and distribute lands to those who are eligible.
3. The abolishment of all decisions that are restricting unionism, and the enactment of a fair and equitable labor code.
4. Making medical treatment accessible for workers in the oil fields that were scenes of battles and radioactive materials for many years, particularly in North and South Rumaila. Designating special hospitals paid for by foreign companies and conduct periodic health check up in these hospitals.
5. Stop privatizing hospitals that designated to treat the workers
6. Raise the ceiling of the bonuses from $1000 to $4000 per annum for all workers in the oil sector.
7. Restart counting workers seniority and classifications that have stopped for 11 years
8. Disclose details of new incentive approved by the ministry and the announcement of its budget.
9. Re-instating rotation, holidays and danger compensation.
10. Activate the work of the department of Training and Development and recognition of the courses set up in the field sites.
We call upon all freedom loving, progressive forces and organizations, trade unions, to stand beside the oil workers in Basra, denouncing all sorts of threats and negligence that they are exposed to, as well as support their just demands.

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