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Victory for the current protests in Iraq!

In last few days, a new wave of mass protests swept most of the cities across Iraq. This wave started with protests against electricity cuts and the lack of other public services and against corruption, but these protests were soon followed by continuous labor protests demanding wage arrears and against the austerity policy. The spark was a demonstration on 18th July 2015, by the residents of the town of Madena north of Basra in front of the local council building where militia, which reportedly belong to the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, opened fire killing one protestor.
Since then, the Iraq citizens especially the youth and freedom-loving people launch regular protests in the cities of Basra, Baghdad, Najaf, Samaoa, Hila, Nasyria, Kut, Imara and Diyala. Amid these protests, a week ago, the railways workers marched in Baghdad blocking roads to demand their unpaid wages. Yesterday, sections of manufacturing workers also held demonstrated and large sections of workers of this sector are planning a massive demonstration in the next few days.
These protests reflect growing anger over the hardships and the suffering they endure under the rule of Islamic and ethnocentric bourgeois forces, the astronomical level of corruption of their government and their failure to provide the most basic services like electricity especially during extremely hot summer.
The Iraqi citizens have protested many times in past especially during summer, however this time, these protests are different because they are happening under different political conditions as the financial crisis and the austerity policy destroy the lives of large sections of the population. Moreover, they take place when the population has lost any hope in improving their living conditions under the rule of the Islamic and ethnocentric forces and lost all the trust in these forces to put an end to the corruption endemic in all levels of the government and state institutions.
The authority in Iraq is in deep crisis, which deepens by minute. It has no solution for the hardships and suffering of the masses or for the contradictions of the ruling regime. What is happening in Iraq is a very deep crisis for the forces of political Islam. The current protests are an immediate reaction from the masses and labor movement to this deep and broad crisis from the viewpoint of their independent interests and to realize their demands and rights.
Taking all this in consideration, we find that the masses are growing disillusioned with the promises by the ruling forces and the ideology and sectarian illusions used by these forces are not effective anymore in silencing the masses.
This movement started with demands for services like electricity and ending corruption, however it quickly turned to an expression of anger by the masses of people against all ruling forces and against the entire political regime. The wider these protests become with more sections of workers, toilers, unemployed and freedom-loving people join and the more socially radical it turns the stronger and more successful it grows. From the beginning, the current mass movement had a political character by struggling against the ruling forces and their corruption which is impossible to be stamped out. During this critical period while the role of militia increases and the governmental oppression grows this mass activity is a serious blow to any attempt to solidify this oppression in Iraq.
Arming this mass movement with policies and prospects that ensures its independence and build close ties with the labor movement and its progressive social and political prospects and economic demands will prepare the ground for this movement to progress and realize its goals and demands. Therefore, it is very important for this movement to be able to stand decisively up to the political regime as it represents the interests of the bourgeoisies, which are against the interests of the vast majority of the population.
We, in the Worker-communist Party of Iraq struggle beside the protesting masses across Iraq and we will do our best to strengthen this protest movement and ensure its demands are realized. At the same time we struggle to ensure this movement progresses and takes forms of organization which represent the will of the protesting revolutionary masses and builds strong ties with the labor movement in all economic sectors in Iraq. Any success by this protest movement opens the doors to achieve its economic, social and political demands and creates opportunity for social progress and realization of the will of the working class and revolutionary masses.
Worker-communist Party of Iraq
August4, 2015


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